MD1750-SE Chassis Dynamometer
Available for testing and tuning*

With 50-inch rolls, a maximum speed of 225-mph and a horsepower measurement rating of 1,750-hp, the MD- 1750 is by far the fastest and most powerful chassis dyno in Maryland. While acceleration based testing capability (e.g. Dynojet) uses a fixed inertia to gauge vehicle performance, our eddy current absorption capability features a highly accurate load cell for testing infinite speed and torque values. The torque value read from the load cell is combined calculate the exact force being applied at the vehicle’s wheels at any time throughout the test sequence. Our sophisticated closed-loop computer based control system uses the signals from the dynamometer and our custom software to mimic nearly any drive cycle imaginable, including track lap and drag strip simulation. What’s more, the md-1750 can be used to apply various loads to the vehicle under test while you carefully monitor effects on boost, A/F, exhaust, temperature, pressure, etc. the MD-1750 makes tuning a vehicle to it’s maximum potential a reality.

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